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Customer "Refer A Friend" Portal

This is your personal "Refer A Friend" portal. In the portal you will find two very powerful tools that makes referring your friends easy and profitable.

Refer A Friend Tools:

#1 Refer A Friend "Email Tool"
#2 Refer A Friend "Report Generator"

Refer A Friend “Email Tool”

The more “Friends” you refer … the more rewards you may earn. Use the pre designed “Refer A Friend” email template to easily send your business friends a message. The template is fast and easy to use. Each email contains a unique certificate ID number. That ID number will track which of your friends has ordered from Ross and how many rewards you have earned.

Sample of Email:

Please read copy to approve text.

Refer A Friend "Report Generator"

The “Report Generator” is your 24/7 tool that gives you the updated status of friends you have referred. Want to find out if your friends have ordered from Ross, check the report? Check invoice totals and see how many rewards you have earned*. Ross sends outs reward debit cards weekly.

Report Generator Sample:

*$100 or $250 invoice totals not including taxes, shipping or postage. Good only for New Ross4Marketing clients on first invoice. The “friend” cannot be a Domino’s Pizza franchisee. This program is available for a limited time period and can be canceled at any time.